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Bill bass westlake 2-25-99.jpg (9933 bytes)
Bill with fish

By Bill Becher (note click on picture to see larger fish)

Larry Garfinkel and I tried fishing Westlake after a series of warm days.

We went out at about 4:30 and fished until dark. Bill had good luck on plastic worm flies fished with a 1/8 oz. sliding weight above a worm hook tied on 4 feet of 10lb test mono as a leader.  Key is to let worm sink, then very gradually retrieve so worm inches along the bottom. We had good luck working up one of the south fingers near boat docks and shore.

Bill hooked 7 fish and landed 6, largest about 3 pounds. Larry had a nice bass after he switched to the plastic fly.

With warmer weather ahead the surface bite should start...

Update: We tried again in mid-March, but still not much happening on the surface. But Larry caught a nice one:

garf_bass_1.gif (30425 bytes)
Garf with 2.5 lb guy

Note: someone complained to the lake patrol that we were using live bait. Guess the plastic was too realistic. Remember Westlake requires both a CA license and a Westlake licence. All fishing is catch and release, artificials only, barbless hooks.

wpe09539.gif (842750 bytes)
Rick Bollinger with 2.5 lb bucketmouth

garybass1.jpg (40017 bytes)
Gary Scott with bass caught on his first cast!

April Update: Fished with Rick Bollinger in the morning starting about 6:30 on an overcast day and did well on the "fingers" fishing near docks.  Bill Sarrocco and I caught some in the rain... but slow... still cold...Gary Scott caught a nice fish on his first cast.

Note: Westlake is a private lake for residents of the "Westlake Lake Recreational Area". Basically if it says "Westlake Village" on your drivers license you should be able to get a fishing and/or boat permit at the Lake Management Office at 32353 West Triunfo Cyn Road - phone  818 889 5377. Permits AND California fishing licenses are required for both shore fishing and boat fishing.  CVFF members should ask a Westlake resident member about fishing there as guest passes are available. Click here for more info about Westlake Lake.

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