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Lower Owens January 1999

Larry Garfinkel and Bill Becher fished the Lower Owens below the Pleasant Valley Campground in mid January.  Flows were down to 100 cfs +/-, substantially below normal.  We had moderate success nymphing with midge emerger patterns.  Fishing was best mid-day, when there were sporadic midge hatches. Even with water temps  in the low 40, fish were jumping, apparently chasing the emerging insects.  Stomach samples showed a variety of feed: green caddis larva, baetis nymphs, and two varieties of midge pupa.  All were small, size 18-20.

larryfish1-99.jpg (10733 bytes)
Larry with a nice brown. The big one went downstream and got away!

We Friday under cloudy skies, and Saturday in the snow. We left early, as accumulations were beginning to make driving interesting.

larrysnow--99.jpg (10105 bytes)  wpe52046.gif (364797 bytes)
Snowman       Snowrv

Randy Van Vliet fished the Lower O the following weekend, also encounter a major snow-storm on the way home. Randy reports excellent success on a black bead head thread midge (based on a copper bead zebra midge pupa   pattern). substituting a black bead for the copper one.

wpe68738.gif (313143 bytes)   wpe58181.gif (97110 bytes)
Bill caught some too.

This is a wild brown trout catch and release fishery.

More info at Brock's in Bishop.


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