Conejo Valley Fly Fishers

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by Bill Becher

This section of the Upper Owens always provides some enjoyable dry fly fishing, though the fish are small (except early season when the spawners are in).

A nice Owens brown

Hot Creek browns were plentiful at the Cal Trout Section.

Mammoth at the end of June was hot, with flows still up, though the water at Hot Creek had cleared. Great dry fly fishing at Hot Creek Cal Trout during the caddis, PMD, and baetis hatches.  A #18 Parachute Adams with a CDC Caddis Emerger as a dropper in the film was the hot combo for me. I caught lots of browns about 12" and a nice pair of fat male and female rainbows at 16".

The "gorge" section of Hot Creek was running high, so the fish were hanging near the banks or behind rocks out of the current. Caddis puppa and emerger nymphs worked well, and there was even dry fly action during the caddis hatches in the flatter sections.

I intended fishing the San Joaquin above Agnew Meadows, but the rangers were reporting that the mosquitoes were carrying off small dogs and that deet only made them angry, so I fished near Upper Soda Springs Campground. If you could get a fly within a foot of the bank under a rock overhang, rainbows to 13" would bite.

I tried the Lower Owens as the flows were down and fishing reports good, but 98 degrees in the shade was a bit too much for fishing fun.


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