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CVFF has arranged a custom surf fly fishing clinic on the beach at La Conchita with local salt water fly fishing expert and California guide Gary Bulla.

Date and time: 8am Saturday July 17th 1999. (Alternate date July 31st if bad weather, call Bill Becher 805 497 7193 the night before (until 10pm) to confirm it’s a go).

Meet at La Conchita along 101 (north of Rincon south of Bates road).... go north on 101 then U turn before Bates Road park along 101 in the parking lane. If you miss the u, then turn at Bates and come back south. Look for экскурсия в бункер Gary’s brown F150 with brown camper shell... meet at beach below camper

Gary will talk for about an hour and half on surf fishing techniques and demo casting techniques... Bring a sand chair, water and snacks.

Then we will fish for Corbina and Barred Surf Perch. Gary will be there until noon to help anglers with casting and technique and to answer any of your questions.

You will need a CA license with Ocean enhancement... Gary will need your license number at the beach for his paperwork.

Gary will provide a fly to each angler, one of his Grimmie’s.

Tackle: suggested is an 8 or 9 wt rod, sink tip or shooting head 200 to 300 grain (Type V or VI).. fast sinking...

Also bring a stripping basket (you can make one out of a shallow 6 to 8" deep plastic dishpan and cut slots for your belt... and a few holes for drainage)... Or if you want to buy one, Gary suggests a JW Outfitters Deluxe Stripping Basket.

Wear old high top tennies, or regular wading boots, something to protect legs from errant flies and light weight GoreTex waders... or light neoprene, or nylon pants if don't mind cold (you will be in the surf)...

If you want to buy or tie some flies, Gary suggests:

A Gremmie (see California Fly Fisher Good as Gold article in the latest - June 1999 issue by Scott Sadil page 50. Gary is the "Host" in the article.) Or Click here for recipe.

Or get some other surf flies tied by Jim Stallings at Malibu Tackle.... or Terry Baird Hula Flies.

Suggested for Corbina:

Stallings sand crab pattern #8, or his Red Maribu Gremmie style, or Surf Bugs Orange. Or bring any bonefish flies cinnamon or red or orange or tan bright colors (like a Crazy Charlie) work on Corbina. To hold a spot, send a $20 each check payable to Gary Bulla to:

Bill Becher
4239 Arrowhead Circle
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Note: limited to the first 12 club members to sign up and mail a check.

Following the clinic we will plan a day trip to Santa Rosa Island via Channel Island Aviation (tentative date September 11th) Cost aprox $95 to $115 depending on how many go

We are also trying to set up a surf fly tying session with Gary and Jim Stallings. Gary can’t make our usual Wed date… so we need to set up an alternate.

More details will be on the club website.

This should be a great way to learn about surf fishing!

Gary is joining the club and is now on the email list, so you can post questions of general interest to the list and he will get a copy.

Gary also leads fly fishing/sea kayaking trips to Baja. Next trip is Oct 30- November 6

Click here for details.



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