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We are fortunate to have a lake stocked with bass right at our doorstep. Unfortunately, the lake is private and fishing is restricted to Westlake residents and guests with permit badges only.  Fortunately, many CVFF members are able to access the lake and are willing to take another CVFF member fishing there. Ask around.  Wayne Caywood of Malibu Fishn' Tackle takes club members on Westlake - call him at 805 496 7332 or email Bill Becher

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Westlake Bass

Generally the best fishing is in the spring and fall months when it's not too hot or cold. The bass seem to hang out under docks and near shore under lilly pads, rocks, and other cover.  You should try surface poppers thrown toward the shore, allowed to sit for a moment, and then stripped back in a series of "pops".  Alternately try bunny leach type worm тур выходного дня в Дагестан deep, or when the surface bite isn't working.  Some are known to use a plastic worm on a fly rod with sliding bullet weight... hey, not everyone is a purist.

Fishing seems best in the evenings or mornings, check with Wayne at Malibu Tackle for the latest reports. 

The following was taken from the pamphlet provided by the Westlake Lake Management Office dated 8/97. Be sure to check for changes. Westlake Lake Management Office is at 32353 West Triunfo Cyn Road - phone  818 889 5377.

Fishing at Westlake

You must have a Westlake Fishing Permit Badge to fish in the Lake. To qualify for a permit you must do the following:

1. Be a Westlake or Westlake Village resident and show proof by presenting a valid California driver’s license or other acceptable proof of residency. In the case of a young person without a driver's license, a resident parent or guardian. must make the application fort hey uoung person.

2. Fill out and sign the release and indemnity form.

3. Pay the annual fee as follows:

bulletAdult (age 12-64)…………$30.00
bulletChild (under 12)………….... Free
bulletGuest (annual)…………..…$30.00
bulletGuest (7 day)……………...$10.00
bulletSenior (65+)………...………$15.00

Fishing permit badges are available on January 1st and are valid for the balance of the calendar year.

All fishing permit badges expire on Dec 31st.

4. Agree to follow and abide by the Westlake Lake Fishing Rules and Regulations as listed in this pamphlet and provided to you at the time your permit is issued.

5. Present a valid California Fishing License at the, time of application.


 The high costs of operating Westlake Lake are paid: by lake residents. Therefore, fishing in the lake is: restricted to residents only and not open to outside: persons. The Lake Patrol and other official persons: are instructed to enforce this policy of non-use by: non-residents. Please be patient and cooperative if: you are questioned and are asked to show your: drivers license on routine checks made by the Lake: Patrol and other official persons.

 Fishing Rules and Regulations

 1. Keep off private property. Do not walk the banks or shoreline of private property. Fishing is permitted from the bank on each side of Westlake Lake Management Office, but not by the management boat docks, nor under the management building. Fishing is also permitted on the boardwalk beginning at the Yacht Club and extending north to were the boardwalk ends. When fishing these areas you must leave them clean and free of any trash.

2. Fishing is not permitted in the areas of the marina, on the rental docks, in the maintenance shed area, from homeowner association docks, from the bridge, from the banks under the bridge, or from any of the beach areas. Fishing from a boat within 100 ft. of the dam safety barrier chain is not permitted.

3. Westlake Lake is a catch and release lake. No fish may be removed from the lake under any circumstances. Care should be taken at all times to carefully unhook and release fish back into the lake as quickly as possible.

4. All books must be barbless or have the barbs pinched down.

 5. No live bait may be used. This includes, but is not limited to: goldfish, crawfish, baby bass, bluegill, shiners, water dogs, earthworms, night crawlers, crickets, grubs, or dead "live bait". Only artificial lures, plastic baits, spinners, spoons, or artificial flies may be used.

6. All fishing persons must wear/display their valid fishing permit badge so as to be visible at all times while fishing. Each person fishing with a permit badge must carry their valid California Drivers License or other acceptable ID to verity that they are the proper owner of the permit badge. The Lake Patrol or other lake officials may request to see your identification at any time when you are fishing. Co- operation with the Lake Patrol is required from all fishing persons.

7. Loaning, selling or transferring your fishing permit badge to any other person is prohibited.

8. Anyone fishing with a guest badge must be accompanied by a resident with a fishing permit badge.

9. Do not entice or attempt to hook any pets, animals or birds.

10. Fishing hours are one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

11. Keep noise to a minimum so as to not disturb residents, particularly in the early morning hours. Remember, noise carries and is amplified over water. Avoid yelling, loud talking or playing your radio too loudly.

12. Care must be taken when fishing around or near public or private docks to avoid damage to any property. Be particularly careful not to hook boat canvas or upholstery.

13. No trash, debris or pollutants may be dumped into the lake. Do not throw fishing line into the lake.

14. No commercial fishing operation such as "guiding for hire", lessons/instruction for a fee or boat/ equipment sales or rental is permitted without a valid, signed concession agreement with Westlake Lake Management (WLMA).

15. Rules & regulations enforced by the California Department of Fish and Game are in effect. Westlake Lake is patrolled by California Dept. of Fish and Game officials and citations for violations including, but not limited to, failure to display a valid California State Fishing License may be issued.



Do I need a fuhing permit badge to fuh from my dock?

Yes. All fishing requires a license.

Do I have to have a license for guests who visit?

Yes. You may purchase a 7 consecutive day guest badge or an annual guest badge. An owner must be with the guest at all times while fishing.

Do I have to buy all new barbless lures?

No. You may pinch the barbs down on your lures & flies with a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Why do I need a California fishing license if this is a private take?

By law the California State Dept. of Fish and Game regulates fishing on all bodies of water in the state, public and private. You must follow all state regulations or you may be subject to fines, even though our lake is private.

Do my kids need a fishing permit badge?

Yes. Kids under 12 years of age are free but must still display a permit badge while fishing.

Can I use bait such as cut up frozen mackerel?

No. Even dead bait is prohibited. Only artificial lures and flies may be used.

What should I do if I accidentally damage a docked boat or catch my hook in the canvas cover of another boat?

Notify the boat owner immediately. If this is not possible jot down the boat number and leave your name with the Lake Patrol office.

Do I get a break on the fishing because I'm a senior? Yes. The reduced fee for seniors aged 65 and older is only $15.

Do I need to display my fishing permit badge each time I fish?

Yes. The Lake Patrol will be looking for your permit badge and may inspect your lures to make sure you are in compliance with the barbless hook rule. The Lake Patrol may also asked to see your I.D. to make certain you are the valid owner of the fishing permit badge. If you are not the valid owner the Lake Patrol will keep the permit badge. Your fishing permit badge should be clearly displayed when fishing. You are re- quested to cooperate with the Lake Patrol at all times.

What happens if I forget to carry my fishing permit badge?

The first offense will receive a friendly warning. The second offense will result in the recording of your name and a request that you stop fishing until the permit badge is obtained. The third offense could result in a revocation of your fishing privileges on the lake. Should any party not comply with requests of the Lake Patrol the County Sheriff may be called in for assistance.

Can I fish any time I want if I have a fishing permit badge?

Fishing is permitted 365 days a year from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

How long is my fishing permit badge good for? Permit badges are valid for the calendar year. Your

Permit badge expires on Dec. 31st, regardless of when it was purchased.



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