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Bob Krumm's Baetis Nymph

Flashback version tied by Bill Becher

This nymph imitates the widely found Baetis mayfly nymph.

Montana guide Bob Krumm tied this fly at the CVFF meeting in November 1998 and says it works great on the Big Horn River.

Hook: Tiemco 3769 size 16-18

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: Brown grizzly Chicabou (hen saddle hackle)

Abdomen: Brown ViViva (Spandex)

Thorax: Marabou barbs from base of hackle feather.

Wing case: brown ViViva.

  1. Coat shank of hook with cement.
  2. Tie in tail.
  3. Tie in ViViva and wrap forward to form abdomen. Overwrap to produce tapered body.
  4. Double the ViViva and secure.
  5. Tie in marabou and wrap twice like hackle.
  6. Pull ViViva forward over marabou and secure to form wingcase
  7. Wrap head and whip finish. If you tie like Bob, you will do this without a tool.

Flashback Version: Secure ViViva in step 4 and cut. Then tie in medium Pearl mylar tinsel and wrap forward as wingcase in step 6.

ViViva Spandex is available at Malibu Fish N' Tackle in various colors. It's great for making midge pupa and San Juan Worms too!


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