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Jimmy Toy Special

DSCN0050(1).JPG (63500 bytes)
#22 Jimmy Special -
tied by Bill Becher

Materials List:
Hook -
Tiemco 900BL or 100 #20-22
Thread -
Black 8/0
Tail -
Abdomen -
Thorax -
Wing -
Hackle - Black (optional)
Head -

Tying Instructions:

  1. Wrap slim thread body.
  2. Attach CDC tuft or strip CDC barbs from larger feather, wrap, fold back feather and wrap.
  3. Wrap a couple of turns of hackle and trim bottom

Alt Tying: Forget the hackle. Try various shades of light CDC (Tan, White, Light Dun, etc.). Try brown or dark gray body.  A few strands of brown Antron as a trailing shuck?

Comments : A great midge pattern. If you have trouble seeing it, use it as a second fly behind a larger indicator dry such as large Griffith's Gnat or Fuzzball to imitate clustering midges.  As with any CDC pattern, don't use floatant. A dry powder desiccant works well with CDC.

Pattern by: Jimmy Toy


Created by Bill's WebDesigns by Bill