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Baetis Cripple

DSCN0082.JPG (60476 bytes)

Materials List:
Hook -
Tiemco 900BL or 100 dry fly #16-20
Thread -
gray 8/0
Tail -
tan or olive antron
Abdomen -
gray thread
Wing -
dun hackle fibers
Hackle -
dun hackle

Tying Instructions:

  1. Wrap thread and tie in antron trailing shuck.
  2. Wrap thin tapered body.
  3. Clip fibers from a wide (spade) hackle and tie on lengthwise on the hook. Wrap several turns under the eye end of the hackle to rase it up.  Clip as shown in picture.
  4. Tie in conventional hackle. Do not clip as this fly floats on its side.
  5. Finish head and cement.

Alt Tying: Try olive body and shuck.

Comments :  Fish seem to like this fly as it is an easy meal when adults are on the water. It is hard to see in the water so try it behind a more visable Adams or other baetis dun imitation.

Pattern by: Found this one in shop in Provo. Similar to Quigley Cripple except the down wing is hackle instead of deer hair.


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