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Black Caddis Emerger

This pattern imitates emerging caddis (duh!) Tied by Montana guide Bob Krumm for use on the Big Horn River and elsewhere.

Hook: Tiemco 2457 scud size 14-18 - Bob tied a 16.

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: None.

Abdomen: Bright green ViViva (Spandex).

Collar: Black rabbit fur hackle (fur and guard hairs).

  1. Wrap shank with thread.
  2. Tie in ViViva behind the bend and wrap forward.
  3. Use a finger over tying thread and wrap to make a short dubbing loop at the head.
  4. Insert a small clump of rabbit fur and guard hair at right angles to the loop and twist loop.
  5. Wrap hair hackle, pull back and overwrap with thread so hair points back.
  6. Whip finish.

This is another classic "guide fly" - easy to tie and it catches lots of fish. Bob suggest using 2457 scud hooks rather than the thinner wire 2487 if you want to catch big fish. Also use lots of head cement to make flies that stay together. Bob suggests using 3X leader when fishing emergers as strike can be hard. Fish this fly with a split shot 12" up from the fly and fish on the swing.

ViViva Spandex is available at Malibu Fish N'Tackle.


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