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This  fly is from Gary Hooper, senior guide at Rick’s Sport Center in Mammoth Lakes, CA..

Foam Top Emerger


Hook: Tiemco 101 sizes 20-26

Thread: 8/0 Black

Shuck: Amber Straight Z-lon

Abdomen: Thread only for smaller sizes and black Superfine dub for larger sizes.

Post: Rainy Parachute Posts (foam) in 1/8" and larger size.

Tying Instructions

1 - Tie in thread.

2 - Wrap back and tie in shuck.


3 - Wind thread forward to 1/3 of shank length behind eye and tie in post.


4 - Wind back to tail and dub forward as needed to create a slender body.

5- Whip finish and clip post short.


Alternates: Try in red, brown, gray, or with a wire rib.

Gary can be reached at:

Rick's Sport Center Phone 760-934-3416
E-Mail gary@rickssportcenter.com  Website www.rickssportcenter.com  



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