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Winter Fishing in Colorado

by Larry Martin a.k.a. the Flying Fly Fisherman


I fished Sopris Creek in Aspen valley. The weather was cold, with water temps 40-45, and air temperature between 20-35F, making freezing guides on rod a constant problem. [webmaster note: I bought some stuff that's supposed to keep guides from freezing but haven't' tried it yet]. However, the fish were on, but only to streamers, especially #4 - #10 size purple wooly buggers, egg-sucking purple leeches and what is turning into my favorite streamer, the infamous, odd looking hellgrammite.

Working deep pools in swift current, casting up and across the stream, letting the fly swing and then short strips with brief rests, produced the largest browns I have caught on Sopris: 13-16" fish with the largest a fat 18-20" lad. Fights were furious as befits the regal brown, but of brief duration. Cold water sapped them fast. Time of day seemed to make no difference, these behemoths were hungry.

Summary : Those of you that enjoy skiing and fishing or just fishing alone, should try winter. It is a kick and can be easy picking. Funny, all my efforts at nymphing with standard flies brought either meager results or small fish. My advice is when things get boring go to the streamers and except for the Hellgrammite, use purple. Enjoy, Flying Fly Fisherman.

Note: Larry says: "Pix in development which will support outrageous claims I am sure!"

Here they are:

wpeC.jpg (5485 bytes)

Larry claims he caught this fish on Sopris Creek

.wpeD.jpg (6337 bytes)

Larry in Colorado.

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