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Bass'n on Westlake Lake

By Bill Becher

I've been going out in the evenings and fishing for the largemouth bass that populate Westlake Lake (sounds redundant but that's what it's called). It's pretty neat to be able to fly-fish ten minutes from my house, read it экскурсии в Карелию из СПб. I have a canoe licensed for the lake. Fishing access is restricted to local residents and one guest only.

The bass have been biting from about 7 p.m. to dark. On the best outing I landed four fish out of six hooked. Fishing is barbless artificials only. It takes a good lip-rip'n set to keep the fish on. Size has been about one to three pounds, with an estimated four pounder hooked but not landed. There are larger fish in the lake I’m told.

Best results have come from stripping a yellow popper near the many docks that populate the side "fingers" of the lake. I also caught a few fish on a deer hair "Dahlberg Diver" I tied in froggy colors. I've been using a seven weight rod.

Taylor Burch fished with me and caught some nice fish using a spinning rod and white surface plug. I've also been fishing with Wayne Caywood of Malibu Tackle.

Note: Westlake is a private lake for residents of the "Westlake Lake Recreational Area". Basically if it says "Westlake Village" on your drivers license you should be able to get a fishing and/or boat permit at the Lake Management Office at 32353 West Triunfo Cyn Road - phone 818 889 5377. Permits AND California fishing licenses are required for both shore fishing and boat fishing.   CVFF members should ask a Westlake resident member about fishing there as guest passes are available. CVFF members may contact Bill Becher for more info about fishing Westlake.

Wayne took this photo of Bill and bass


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