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Bike Fishing the West Fork of the San Gabriel River

By Bill Becher

Bill Bike Fishing

Five pound trout from a stream in L.A.? In your dreams. But if you'd like a day of dry-fly fishing for tiny rainbow trout looking экскурсия в Кунсткамеру, and a chance to ride your bike up a scenic canyon, try the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.

Easily accessible via the I-210 Freeway, take the Azusa Ave. off-ramp and go North. A paved road closed to most traffic parallels the river for nine plus miles.

Jimmy Toy and I rode our bikes up the road and then fished the pools and riffles back down the stream. On a weekday we had the entire stream to ourselves once we got past the walk-in fisherman in the first mile (called by the rangers the "Bud Line"). The cottonwoods had nice fall colors and provided shade for the stream.

Why they call it the Bud Line


The fish rose readily to #18 Lime Trudes.

Because the stream is often lined with brush, a short 2-3 wt. rod would be best.

Jimmy T fishing a pool 


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