Conejo Valley Fly Fishers

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(This is from Bruce Pencek, a fly fisher in Las Vegas:

Your members might consider an alternate route because traffic on I-15 anywhere near Salt Lake City is already horrible and will get worse as the Olympics near.

I don't have a map handy to confirm route numbers, but here it is, from memory:

I-15 North to I-70 East. Just past Salinas, take the two-lane through Castle Dale and Price, left (west, I think, or north) on US 6 to Helper, then through Indian Canyon (can be steep on the west side but not too twisty) by the power plant, which brings you to Duchesne on the Strawberry River. Follow the road east to Roosevelt and Vernal and up the mountain. (Watch out for elk.) Price is about 6-7 hours out of Vegas, Flaming Gorge about 3 hours further, so the total can come in a little under your 16+ estimate out of T.O. Richfield would be a reasonable stopover.

There were, as of a year ago, a couple fly shops in Vernal, one of them attached to an espresso store. There is interesting small-stream fishing throughout southern Utah. This route passes pretty near the Fremont River, which is getting pretty well known, and the Huntington River (west of the town by that name: interesting water and some nice camping).


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