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Several members of CVFF helped introduce members of Mrs' Fry's class to the mysteries of fly casting and fly tying:  Tom Greenup, Norm Chung, Gary Scott, Gene Mahn, and Jimmy Toy.  

The class participates in the Trout in the Classroom program, with over 100 healthy trout fingerlings in their aquarium.

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We knew we were in for something special when we saw this banner at Meadows Elementary School.

DSCN0018.jpg (19283 bytes)
Here are some of Mrs. Fry's fry.

DSCN0021.jpg (17509 bytes)
The class has been watching the trout hatch from eggs supplied by the California Department of Fish and Game.

DSCN0010.jpg (17708 bytes)
Gene and Gary taught some casting, despite the wind.

DSCN0011.jpg (24599 bytes)
Norm tying.

DSCN0026.jpg (14813 bytes)
Jimmy explaining where hackle comes from...

DSCN0035.jpg (19820 bytes)
Tom is the coordinator of the TIC program for CVFF.

DSCN0025.jpg (15271 bytes)
The kids tried fly tying.

DSCN0002.jpg (28113 bytes)
Mrs. Fry grows her own hackle outside her classroom.

If you would like to help out with TITC, or want more information, please email  

If you are a member of Mrs. Fry's class and would like to add your comments, please email the webmaster.

NEW: Mrs. Fry sent this:

Dear Bill et al ...

It was absolutely great to have ya'll come to Meadows and share your talents. The students were so engrossed in the activities, they stayed for well over an hour after school was officially dismissed. Quite a testimony to their enthusiasm. Please send our heartfelt thanks to all . Hope to see you at a future CVFF meeting.

Sincerely, Jennifer Fry




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