Conejo Valley Fly Fishers

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Email list

How to subscribe:

The club has created an email list to assist members in communicating with each other.   When you join, you're added to the list. If you want to be taken off, let Kit Korf know.

What's a mailing list do?

If you send an email (after you're been added to the list) to   the message is automatically sent to all the members on the list. 

What's the purpose of the list?

The list is for the private, non-commercial use of CVFF members. Examples of proper use of the list include inviting other members on a fishing trip, asking for suggestions when fishing, updating club members on changes in club activities, and discussing fly fishing.   

What are the rules?

Simple, just try to keep your messages brief, friendly, and g rated.

FAQ's and Problems:.

bulletIf you change email addresses, make sure you let Kit Korf  know.
bulletAny problems, email 


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