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Warning:  Fly fishing is generally pretty safe, but every year people manage to drown, fall, freeze to death, stick themselves in the eye with hooks, and suffer other injuries.  Be smart:  Always wade cautiously, wear a wading belt, use a wading staff, fish with a companion or at least let someone know where you are водные экскурсии в Петергоф and when you will get back. CVFF provides the information on these pages as a service to it's members, but can't verify that every guide is capable. Be sure to ask potential guides about their licensing and insurance. Likewise fishing spots mentioned here can have pitfalls such as poorly maintained trails, slippery rocks or other bottom conditions, tides, fast water, sudden changes in water levels, and other hazardous conditions. Boat safely, be responsible for yourself - we can't be...   and, hey, please, do us a favor, don't sic some sleazy lawyer on us if you screw up.

Copyright info:  CVFF reserves all rights to original material on these pages, however permission is granted to non-profit clubs and organizations to reproduce our stuff with credit to Conejo Valley Fly Fishers.  For commercial use, contact webmaster for more info.

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