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The DFG needs your help in conducting stream surveys.

Please read:

First letter from Roger Bloom

Follow-up letter from Roger Bloom.


Wayne Caywood of Malibu Fish N’ Tackle forwarded this letter to CVFF:

Hello to all,

My name is Roger Bloom and I am the Ca. Dept. of Fish and Game Wild Trout biologist for Southern California. I recently moved down from Northern California after working on the Statewide Wild Trout Program for more than 5 years. I am excited about my new position and I look forward to meeting the anglers in Southern California. I believe that there is great potential for the trout fisheries in southern California and know first hand that the support group already in place is phenomenal. This is where my pitch comes! The field season is just around the corner, and as a lot of you know my program relies heavily on volunteers for many of the surveys.

The majority of the surveys are population assessments using backpack electrofishing units. Tasks as a volunteer usually encompass netting and transport of multiple fish species, transport of associated gear, and a whole lot of fun!

If you have any doubts about the type of work that you would be doing, feel free to contact myself or ask people who may have helped in the past. The dates and times for the surveys are listed below along with the “tentative” waters to be sampled. If you are interested in coming out, let me know as soon as possible. I am also interested in any input people may have in regards to potential wild trout waters. This doesn’t mean that these waters will be exploited, but rather that I would like to protect and /or monitor these unique fisheries. I would also appreciate if any clubs or organizations that have newsletters or meetings could either post this letter, or mention the surveys at the meetings.

Tight lines, Roger

Roger Bloom

Wild Trout Program

(805) 646-3823

This is a preliminary list and will be booked on first come, first serve basis. Exact sample locations will be provided the week/morning of the sampling.

San Antonio Creek Drainage June 13-15

West Fork San Gabriel Drainage June 19-23

Piru Creek Drainage June 26-29

Sespe Drainage July 5-7



Thanks for the interest,

Due to the volume of responses received I am responding with form letters. Many of you have shown interest in the surveys with no particular preference either in drainage or dates. Below is a list of the waters and dates of the surveys. There has been some changes to the schedule, so be sure to check the most recent listing at the bottom of the page for dates and specific waters. If you could pick from the list the days you are available, or are interested in, it would help out immensely. Some waters seem to be generating more interest than others, so a prompt response is a good idea if you have a favorite. Some of the waters slated to be sample have "surprise" areas associated with them. All this means is that the surveys will be done within the drainage, but the location may be a sensitive area, thus one not to be posted on the Internet.

Many of you have inquired as to what to bring, what to expect, etc.. Most of the surveys will begin around 8:00 am at a pre-designated meeting site. After a brief overview of the particular project, we will carry the gear to the sample site, set-up the sample area, conduct the survey using the electrofishers, work-up the fish, and return the fish to the stream.

At most of these sites the electrofishing portion of the surveys is done by, or slightly after lunch (12:00pm- 2:00pm). The release of the fish and associated habitat typing usually takes another hour or so. Some of the sites may require a slight hike. Most of work required from the volunteers includes; portage of gear, netting and handling of fish, work-up of the fish, and releasing of the fish. Plan on being done by at least 3-5 PM.

The in stream portion of the work requires each volunteer to have waders, felt soled wading boots, polarized glasses , and some experience wading in moving water. Physical strength is not as important as balance and agility. There are duties that require support on the bank which does not require as much physical work. This task usually revolves around working-up the fish. This is one most important duties, due to the fact that the numbers and data gathered at this point help make management decisions.

Every volunteer is responsible for his or her own lunch and beverage. Feel free to bring your rod along , with the understanding that there is usually plenty of time for fishing after the surveys are complete. These surveys are not only fun but also very informative in regards to fish numbers, size classes, and habitat that they prefer. It will give you confidence and new insights to fishing waters that you may, or may not, be familiar with.

At this point I would like to ask volunteers to respond with dates and availability so I can start filling in the gaps. I will do a follow-up contact just prior to the surveys as well. If you are interested in having minors participate, make sure that their parents are present, or legal guardian, so that they can sign the parental permission form. I can also provide this form prior to the surveys if you need them. I look forward to seeing you on the stream!

Tight lines, Roger


East Fork San Gabriel Drainage June 13-15

West Fork San Gabriel River Drainage June 19-23

Piru Creek Drainage June 26-29



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